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Central AC Prices by Brand

For the purpose of this price list comparison table of leading consumer brands, we used a baseline of a standard efficiency 2.5 ton central ac unit and matching evaporator coil, from the different leading brands below. A 2.5 ton unit is the approximate size installed in most 1400-1800 square foot homes. All central ac unit prices online are an approximate, actual prices will vary.  Contact us for exact pricing.
  Central AC Unit & Evaporator Coil Brand    Equipment Only    AC & Coil Installation Cost  
Aire Flow$1,020 $1,990
Amana$1,680 $2,930
American Standard$1,950 $3,585
Armstrong$1,365 $2,345
Bryant$1,585 $2,695
Carrier$2,210 $3,890
Coleman$1,260 $2,125
Comfortmaker$1,180 $2,110
Frigidaire$1,699 $3,100
Gibson$1,490 $2,535
Goodman$1,450 $2,480
Heil$1,675 $2,930
Lennox$2,240 $3,755
Rheem$1,665 $2,960
Ruud$1,690 $2,750
Trane$2,225 $3,650
Whirlpool$1,290 $2,350
York$1,799 $3,270
Average Cost of Name Brand AC & Coil$1,619 $2,828

Average AC Unit Prices by Size or Capacity

Central AC units are manufactured in very specific sizes ranging from 1.5 – 5 tons of cooling capacity. An HVAC contractor can perform a load calculation on your home to tell you the exact size for your house. Many states now require a load calculation for both new and replacement central air systems, to have the system permit and inspection completed. All central ac unit prices online are an approximate, actual prices will vary. Contact us for exact pricing. Please contact us for any questions.
  Central AC Unit Size    AC & Coil    AC & Coil Installed Cost  
1.5 Tons, 18,000 btu$940 $1,895
2 Tons, 24,000 btu$1,490 $2,690
2.5 Tons, 30,000 btu$1,525 $2,695
3 Tons, 36,000 btu$1,650 $2,990
3.5 Tons, 42,000 btu$1,780 $3,250
4 Tons, 48,000 btu$1,860 $3,350
5 Tons, 60,000 btu$1,920 $3,590

Central AC Prices by Efficiency

High efficiency central air systems can save you a considerable amount of money on energy. In most cases today, you’ll get a 13,14-15 seer minimum efficiency unit. The highest efficiency central ac units are rated at 24 seer, and AC unit prices with higher seer ratings are much more than their lower initial cost counterparts. All central ac unit prices online are an approximate, actual prices will vary.  
Contact us for exact pricing.

  Central Air Efficiency Ratings    AC & Coil    AC & Coil Installation Cost  
13-14 SEER (Standard Efficiency)$1,435 $2,770
15-16 SEER (High Efficiency)$1,860 $3,560
17-18 SEER (High Efficiency)$2,200 $4,250
19-21 SEER (Super High Efficiency)$2,850 $5,290
22-24 SEER (Highest Available Efficiency)$3,680 $6,750

Central AC Repair Costs, Parts, Time and Installation Cost

The following section of the site contains common repair costs for central air conditioners. We include the price of the parts, the estimated repair time and the cost for part installation. Regardless of where you buy repair parts yourself, assure the ratings and specifications are the same as the part being replaced. All central ac unit prices and repair costs online are an approximate, actual prices will vary.  Contact us for exact pricing.
  Repair Task    Part Cost    Install Time    Cost Installed  
Troubleshooting Service Call *-1-2 hours$75-$190
Replace Circuit Breaker$25-$651 hour$110-$180
Thermostat Replacement$80-$2201 hour$140-$325
Replacement AC Contactor$25-$751 hour$110-$225
Air Conditioner Capacitor$25-$451 hour$100-$225
Air Conditioner Circuit Board ***$40-$4751 hour$145-$575
Repair Copper Lineset-1-3 hours$110-$275
Replace Copper Lineset (30 foot insulated)$155-$3502-4 hours$365-$625
Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost$250-$5502-4 hours$675-$1300
TXV or Refrigerant Meter$25-$601-2 hours$150-$250
Evaporator Drain Pan$25-$651-2 hours$100-$225
Condensate Drain Line$25-$451-2 hours$100-$195
Replace Condensate Pump$35-$751 hour$100-$165
Compressor Hard Start Kit$45-$751 hour$100-$195
Compressor Replacement****$175-$6702-4 hours$450-$1600
Outdoor Coil Replacement****$175-$4902-4 hours$450-$1450
Condensing Unit Fan Motor$50-$2001-2 hours$100-$325
Refrigerant Leak Detection *****$25-$451-3 hours$135-$225
R22 Refrigerant Recharge (3 pounds)$90 1 hour$210-$380
R410 Refrigerant Charge (3 pounds)$45 1 hour$95-$145

* AC Service call fees may be waived under special agreements.

** The hourly street rate for central air conditioner repair cost is the per-hour rate a contractor charges for repairs that do not involve parts. In most cases, these rates are already factored into the total cost of the repair and are not charged separately. The rate is a computed value based on time, general materials, and company overhead like the office, phones, gas, etc.

*** There are an endless number of manufacturer specific oem circuit boards for central air conditioners. The cost of the parts varies widely.

**** Higher cost central air conditioner repair prices should prompt you to request replacement estimates at the same time. 

***** Finding leaks in a central air conditioner system is not an easy task. Companies will use dye packs or other tools like sniffers to locate leaks, but it can take several hours on systems with concealed parts. In many cases, when a slow leak cannot be immediately located, it’s an indication that the evaporator coil or lineset is the culprit. When that occurs, you should consider replacement if the unit is older than 8-10 years.

All central ac unit prices and repair costs online are an approximate, actual prices will vary. Contact us for exact pricing.


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